Hello everyone,                                                                                                                                    July 13, 2014

Hope the fishing has been good for folks this week. I am going to start out this week with a report on the bass fishing, it has slowed down some from the people I have talked to this week.  The people fishing the river have not been catching the bass like they were a few weeks ago.  The one's fishing the ponds are still doing ok but having more luck fishing early and late in the day and minnows are  still doing very well.  Bass fishing in the area lake's has gone into the summer patterns with the fish heading deep on the points and offshore structure.. They are getting them on Carolina rigs and deep crankbaits and also with drop shots, jigging spoons and shaky head worms on deep structure.

On the catfish front there have been some good reports from the guys wading and fishing the pockets with deeper water around the dams in Danville.  They are using live bait and getting multiple fish in each hole.  Some of the fish are making their way back to the lake and should start to see some good catches in the upper end of the lake at Buggs Island.  Night fishing will be your best bet to beat the heat and to catch the bigger fish.  I would suggest using a mixture  of dead and live baits to see what they are wanting each night and with the mixture of blues and flatheads should up your chance of hooking a trophy fish.

The walleye fishing is getting better each week with fish being caught on bottom bouncers and spinners on night crawlers.  The fish are also being caught on lead core trolling crankbaits.  If you are willing to fish in the dark there have been some good fish being caught on crankbaits.  Most of the fish are coming fishing structure  it the 26ft. range and they are schooling up pretty good now and multiple fish are coming off each spot.

Crappie continue to do well at Buggs Island and are still coming off of the brush in the 18 to 26ft. range on jigs and minnows. They are also catching them at night under the lights.  Carp fisherman  are reporting good catches at the local pay ponds and they seem to be liking all the hot weather. 

Things down at the coast are getting back to normal with the storm being gone.  The flounder fishing is doing very well with fish coming from the offshore reefs to the backwater.. The fish that are coming off the reefs and relating very close to the structure so if you are not on the structure correctly you may not get the bites so be willing to move several time if you are not catching fish.  Both the inshore and offshore are eating live minnows the best with some coming on bucktails with trailers.  The king mackerel bite is still doing well but the fish are more scattered now on the offshore structure.. The fish are good size range though with some very large fish being caught for the ones that are willing to work through all the sharks.

Thank you and good luck this week.

Scott Dalton 

Hello everyone,                                                                                                                                                July 6th, 2014


I am going to try and start doing a weekly fishing report to help out everyone who is looking to spend a little time on the water and may not have the latest information I hope this will be helpful to all.  Keep in mind this is just a report and conditions change daily so this report is intended to get you in the area of the latest bite and what they may be biting on.  Good luck to all.

  I am going to start with the local area's and branch out from there, the bass have been doing real well in the local ponds we have had several big bass brought by and had several pictures of some nice ones as well.  They have been having real good luck using large minnows.  Some have come on topwater as well.  The small mouth in the river have been doing ok they are not hitting as well as they were a couple of weeks ago with the best bite being early in the morning or  late in the afternoon.  They are hitting on plastic lizards and crawfish imitations.  Also on crankbaits in crawfish colors and some real early on small buzz baits. 

  The catfish have being doing well in the Dan river down in the Danville area on down to Milton they are eating mostly in the late evening as the sun goes down till a couple hrs. after dark and the same for the morning a couple hrs before the sun come.s up and couple hrs after sunup.  The bigger fish are in deeper water with structure near by.  They are eating goldfish very well and the bigger the better.  But will also take bluegill and suckers.  The baits need to be alive for the flatheads but you can catch the blue cats with cut. bait..

Crappie are doing very well at Buggs Island with most of the fish coming off of submerged brush in 15 to 25 ft of water you can cast to them with jigs or vertical jig them or just let a minnow down to the brush pile, but the jig will sometimes fool you and out do the minnows. Find the brush piles in this depth range and you will find some fish you may have to move around some and fishing at night is also a great way to get into them.

  Down at the coast the flounder are biting at the nearshore reefs and wrecks with the better fish coming on live bait, Menhaden or mullet minnows. The King mackerel bite has been good in the 65ft to 80ft range on hard bottom areas on big menhaden or live bluefish. The fish may have moved on out some due to the storm.  But they should show back up in these areas before long.  The cobia bite is about over for the most part on the southern end of the coast with some still being picked up here and there and the better  fishing coming from the northern beaches.. The Spanish mackerel will pick back up after the water clears from the storm also with most fish coming from  trolling the beachs with clarkspoons on planners getting most of the action. Look for the little white birds working the surface of the water and troll around the edges of the school at about six mph.

Good luck to all. If you need more details give me a call at the shop.

 Thank you ,




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